Monday, June 07, 2010


The Photos are colour enhanced and thats about it... no editing on Photoshop.
My Favorite band, and now also cherished band of a few other friends, PARA - VAYU performed at High Spirits, Pune in front of a full house crowd of around 250!. Here are the glimpses. Sorry for uploading after so long!

The Band Comprises
RHYS - SAXOPHONE (guest artiste)

The Setup

Ravi Iyer's Monster ... his beloved Foot Processor.

His baby :)

Colourful Hymn

Singing his heart out on Shine On You Crazy Diamond!

Shining on ...

As colourful as his voice...

High Spirits had a packed house! Believe it?

Peace is what they perform for! Peace out! Cheers!


  1. photos : i like

    your watermark : i dislike. its toooo big dude. ur original 'JD' one was better.

  2. Couldn't find the old JD mark ... my hard drive has crashed Maxtor ... had to make do with whatever the software gives :( next collection will be with a better mark :)

    thanks for liking the pics though :)

  3. There is something about picture 14that I LOVE!

  4. No infact I disagree with neil! I like the watermark, simple and straight, suits the pictures.

    Anyway, we'll sit together and make your new watermark just for neil! :)

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  6. I love the colour in RAVIs pictures!

  7. Good shit!:) I love going through gig photos and some of these are pretty good. Keep it up! Wish I'd been there for this one!

  8. Well done Boy! See! Your still in the game. And obviously better!
    AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING JEALOUS of you making to that concert and then also missing Akcent's concert in Pune!! AAGH!!! I wish my internship was in Pune! :P

    And yes, 200 people??!! In high sprites? I wonder how they managed!
    Love you pics dude... Esp. the one with Ravi's Monster... :P Too tempting! :P
    And how did you get that pic where everything except the guy in black is all swinging???

  9. wow I'm amazed by the comments!

    @ Neil, bro I know its tough to live upto your standards... but I'm trying!

    @ Shaan,
    > You're an ardent follower of my blog :D cheers

    > Am happy you like the watermark... I wanted it not to be decent :)

    > 14th Pic yes is my favorite of the drummer. It has the perfect grain, colour and those light circles above his head :)

    @ Ro-Ro,
    This was one of the best gigs at high spirits, mummy kasam!
    Thanks for liking the pics

    @ Akash
    > Sirjee, thank you for liking the pics :D

    > Jealous you shouldn't be you could have seen Ramstein but no :P

    > 250-ish ... it was crowded everywhere :D Ravi Iyer makes a statement everytime :D

    > Did I mention I was with the band and was a stag with no cover charge and was offered free beer but refused the drink?

    >Is the great photographer Aditya Akash asking a learner how he took a photo? We'll I'm obliged to reply but not here. show me the pic link I'll tell you precisely.

  10. This image:

    And check your mail later...

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  12. too good hai bro! very well shot. love the camera angles and the post-processing. loved all the pics


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