Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do romantic log

Ek hai emosanal!

Doosra saala sensational!


  1. in the 2nd pic, even the signboard is sensational! ;)

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  3. Hahahah, Neil, me too noticed that!
    Wonder if its there on purpose? :P

    On the other hand, I find the blue in the second pic too jarring

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  5. All Natural lights ... no post-productions ... The blue tube was on in Sap's room snd I liked Samyak's Kanha feel :)

    Second pic everything is very much intended :)

    (I create and manipulate the spacio-temporal-socio-cultural elements with a certain selective modern reference to context logic) - Guess who :P

  6. thanks for informing that there is no post production work involved...Really nice..
    I liked the lighting in the 1st one and the composition in the 2nd one :P
    Keep rocking Chokkro :)

  7. I lau this.
    Ekdum bindaas hai.

    I was missing samyak the other day. Big Bazaar played "dooba dooba"


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