Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ivy & Kothari in the Festival of lights - 4

Shutter Speed 2.5 Seconds
Aperture 5.6
(Combinaition of experiment 2 and 3)
(While rotating, zoom in from wide and back to wide)

Ivy & Kothari in the Festival of lights - 3

Slow Shutter Experiment
Shutter Speed 2.5 Seconds
Aperture 5.6
(Rotate Camera 90 degrees and back)

Ivy & Kothari in the Festival of lights - 2

Slow Shutter Experiment
Shutter Speed - 2.5 Seconds
Aperture - 5.6
(Full wide to Tele to Full wide back again)

Ivy & Kothari in the Festival of lights - 1

Experimenting with slow shutter.

Shutter Speed 2.5 Seconds
Apperture 5.6
(Tele to wide : Zoom out)

Some are just a class apart

Life is not particularly easy at the National Defence Academy. Studying with mental and physical strains, is not a joke. Its not training .. its "Development" where Boys learn to be Men and Men turn to Heroes and it just shows when you look at them!

In this photo - Nakul Sharma, a cadet at NDA

Monday, October 12, 2009

Peculiarites of a Gujrati

A True Gujju -
> Never says NO to Food
> Likes Dhokla & Khandvi and considers it a disgrace to "Buy" it. (Home made rocks!)
> Is the reason why all the Pure Veg. Restaurants in and around the area get to survive.
> Has maximum relatives in Sion, Matunga, Borivali,  Malad, Ghatkopar.
> Belives in the ideology "naukri hai toh chokri hai"
> Has catch phrases like "hokay" and "have su?"
> Tries to use english words in gujarati and ends up using gujarati in english
> Will say "The snakes are in the hole" to say the eatables are kept in the living room.
> Thinks Modi should become Prime Minister.
> Will learn any language if it earns him better.
> Is a miser but spends lavishly on self.
> Considers the Bombay Stock Exchange to be his second home.

I'm tired already!

I was supposed to start writing this blog while I was in my 10th standard, next year, the year later ... but well... It never happened. Simply because, lets face it, we are a lazy bunch of people!

Ever seen a Gujju do the laborious work? That never happens! We do the taxes, we'll do the trading ... anything that requires minimum body exhertion!

Anyway now the blog is here ... dedicated to photos and visuals, randomness, and the Gujju Spirit!
(this blog is not biased, the gujju quotient is only for the fun factor! and it will mainly concentrate on photography and related stuff)

Lets Get Started

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