Monday, October 12, 2009

Peculiarites of a Gujrati

A True Gujju -
> Never says NO to Food
> Likes Dhokla & Khandvi and considers it a disgrace to "Buy" it. (Home made rocks!)
> Is the reason why all the Pure Veg. Restaurants in and around the area get to survive.
> Has maximum relatives in Sion, Matunga, Borivali,  Malad, Ghatkopar.
> Belives in the ideology "naukri hai toh chokri hai"
> Has catch phrases like "hokay" and "have su?"
> Tries to use english words in gujarati and ends up using gujarati in english
> Will say "The snakes are in the hole" to say the eatables are kept in the living room.
> Thinks Modi should become Prime Minister.
> Will learn any language if it earns him better.
> Is a miser but spends lavishly on self.
> Considers the Bombay Stock Exchange to be his second home.


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