Friday, November 20, 2009

Mayechya Halvya Sparshane khulate....

Love is tender, love is pure, love is absolute ... it cannot be categorised, it cannot be named, it can only be felt.

Sorry for the watermark, its the only copy left.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smoke photography :)

This is a fond memory of the day I ruined my Air condition.

I was stupid and crazy. Parents weren't at home, so I just bought a pack of cigrettes, clubbed them with incense sticks, turn on the air condition as it was a hot day, closed the exhausts and windows and got a wonderful combination of nice pics and screwed air conditioner :)

Nevermind accidents happen ... mere saath bhi hua jab maa baap ghar pe aaye ....

And this is all that remains ... a few pics ...

This is how I set it up ... with my A/C to the left side where the smoke is headed....
Its a gauthi setup but works like a pro and anyone can pull it off...

Mushrooms :)

Looks complex, is easy and fun ... of course, to colour the smoke, you need to know basic photoshop or pixel based editing software.

All up in smoke....

A picture says a thousand words ... no story for this one.

Panchhi nadiyaan pawan ke jhonke ... Koi sarhad na inhein roke

 What freedom to me is ... to do what you want to do ... to create things that are beautiful ... without any limitation without any noise ... being in a state of selflessness, is being free.

Photo taken at Kabutar Khana, Dadar, Mumbai with my 1.3MP phone camera.

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