Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smoke photography :)

This is a fond memory of the day I ruined my Air condition.

I was stupid and crazy. Parents weren't at home, so I just bought a pack of cigrettes, clubbed them with incense sticks, turn on the air condition as it was a hot day, closed the exhausts and windows and got a wonderful combination of nice pics and screwed air conditioner :)

Nevermind accidents happen ... mere saath bhi hua jab maa baap ghar pe aaye ....

And this is all that remains ... a few pics ...

This is how I set it up ... with my A/C to the left side where the smoke is headed....
Its a gauthi setup but works like a pro and anyone can pull it off...


  1. Its not that the pictures are bad, but I love more, the style of language you use :)

  2. did you click those pics? and the blog is so JD style!!!! :D

  3. @ Sherry :) yeah all the pics are taken by me ... if not, there is a mention of who the author is :)

  4. You should have titled it smotography :P


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