Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Secret Emotions

So for those of you who have seen the movie the secret, whenever some one has a thought in the story, a weird wave travels from their head and spreads around. I was like, lets try this on my cam... so while the movie was being screened, I knew it by heart (seeing it for the 5th time) I shot this image. No photoshop.

Pull out the zoom on a slow shutter :)


  1. Yes its a very nice effect. Try doing that while clicking a street light. Have you tried rotating the camera and clicking the picture at the same time? It seems as if the subject is in the center of a transparent tunnel.


  2. Yeah! thank you :)
    I knew the technique and this was my second experimentation. The old ones are here.

    The tunnel idea seems good ... will try soon when going to Mumbai lol :D


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