Thursday, March 04, 2010

I don't know...

hahaha ... ooah ... every photographer has a mad friend. That mad friend likes a lonely phool photo. Heres mine :)

This will have the most number of comments she said when I posted this :P

Photos taken at the Khadakwasla Dam with a 70-300mm lens on 'Macro mode'.
Camera courtesy Ramyajit Gupta.


  1. I'll put up a phool photo too...This one's really nice :)

  2. its not even a full phool!! its a phool ki kali ;)

  3. :) Its a poora phool ... the shoe-flower wala >:D<

    @Ro-ro you know why this blog was created... thanks.

    @Akash thank you for reviving in me the interest I had lost

    @Neil Thank you for the brilliant P.R. Strategy for the blog

    P.S. The P.R. of this blog is based on the mainframe by chitnis :P

  4. Wah, kya picture hai J Bhai!!

    have to agree with neil.. phool ki kali!!

  5. @ Rohini- Happy flower day!

    @Akash- (Aditya) You S_ _ _!

    @jay- Its your interest and you never lost it. You just took a break and your back again! :)

    @Neil- Abhi baccha phool hai. Is liye pura nahi hai! :P

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